How to Customize Your Wardrobe

  This denim jacket is one that I found in a thrift store in Savannah, Georgia a couple of summers ago and has been one of my favorite things in my closet ever since. I have been collecting these patches and pins from various places for the past two years. They help to showcase part of my individuality and identity. Fashion is about expressing yourself … Continue reading How to Customize Your Wardrobe

Overalls & Docs, Babe: The Autumn Essentials

It was one of those days where all we really wanted was to listen to Ryan Adams and drive around the city embracing the crisp air of a new season. In honor of Halloween on Tuesday I incorporated a bit of a grungy vibe into my look. I live in Doc Martens, they make any basic outfit cool and any statement outfit complete, they are … Continue reading Overalls & Docs, Babe: The Autumn Essentials

Revival of Fall Trends

Fall is my favorite season, it aways seems to fill me with a sense of comfort as well as rejuvenated sense of motivation and introversion. Reading a good book, decorating for Halloween, finally being able to wear my favorite jeans, and attending festivals that highlight the essence of the season are some of my favorite things about this time of year. Fall fashion is always something … Continue reading Revival of Fall Trends

Movie by the Lake

Throughout the summer, Carolina Beach Park plays movies on their big screen Sunday evenings. This past weekend they were playing Moana, which has quickly become one of my new favorite Disney movies. Essence and I drove down and arrived just as the movie was starting around 8:30, we laid out our blanket, grabbed a couple snacks from the concession stand and relaxed. The movie is shown … Continue reading Movie by the Lake